We support small farmers

We are helping fulfill dreams where it is needed the most . The .pepper..field project is fundamentally changing the lives of more than 2,000 people from small family-run farms that produce the world's best pepper.

We are changing things for the better

Although the production of Kampot pepper from the small family-owned farms is world class, the same farmers have not been fairly compensated for their incredible work. We’re working to improve the lives of these farmers in the Kampot province. Through fair and direct trade, they now get the rewards they deserve for their hard work. This helps them enjoy things like education, medical care, and a happy life with fulfilled dreams—things we often take for granted in other parts of the world.

Tov Bora

"Right from the first purchase of Kampot pepper, I felt support and trust. Thanks to .pepper..field, all 6 of my children can have an education."

Chan Neang

"I was at the point that I thought I'd have to sell the farm. My water pump broke and I'm too weak to manually water every pepper plant in the field. But with .pepper..field's help, I have a new pump."

The son of Som Simi

"When you gifted us the .pepper..bike, my son started jumping for joy. For him, the bike means that he doesn't have to walk 6 km every day, but that he will be at school in a few minutes. And his happiness means mine."